Hey, where’s the roof?!

In case you still haven’t found an apartment and are on the lookout, there are a few tips to consider before you plunge into the new life of roommates et al.

Your roommates will be your family from now on. It’s just like a marriage, only that you’ll end up getting married to two or more people of the same gender as you (in most cases). It’s bound to be the most interesting time of your life, and you can have some real roller-coaster ride moments if you choose the right ones to be with!

It’s always a neat idea to team up with people from your batch or class or company because it makes life easier in terms of getting to know about new things in a new country. It’s a very comforting feeling to have someone around who also knows zilch about what to do next. At least you have company and can start anew.

On the other hand, you could also team up with seniors who have been there and done that. A vast amount of experience is then at your fingertips, provided they are willing to help, of course. Staying with people who have set themselves up can be of immense help if you’re looking for the right information in a short span of time, but you may have to compromise with being out of the loop with the newbies.

But whatever said and done, make sure that you have your mind set on making it WORK. Relationships with roommates require more work than anything else because you constantly have to communicate and care for each other while maintaining a respectable distance for their privacy.

Okay, was that good enough for a prep talk? 🙂 .. Good, get going on the apartment hunt then!