Top 5 Don’ts in the US – By Pilon

Now this guy has been here for over two years as an engineer for really big names. He’s seen it all – staying with a Russian female, having his hotel room burnt to ashes, getting squeezed in a car by a truck, and even worrying about insurance when his foot banged against a bannister. Many call him Pinak.. I call him a monkey! 🙂

And he’s now at the edge of a new tryst.. getting back to student life after more than 4 years. He’s currently seen biting his nails, finding out types of cheap food and their availability, updating his information on how he should be revising for exams and generally getting into prep mode (at least, that’s what all these ex-corporate folks say).

He has a few nuggets to offer, and a herculean task like writing about them only goes to show how strongly he feels about a part of life in USA.. so, without further ado..

PREEESSEEENNTTTTINNGGGGGG, PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINAAAAAAAAAAAAKKK! (God, I’ll love the expression on his face when he sees this.)

Top 5 “DON’Ts” in United States of America –

1) DO NOT fall for any form of ‘advertisement” thrown at you 24 hours a day. They’ll tell you to ‘buy’ a cheaply priced product or service to save(?!!) a lot of the green bills. This violates basic laws of logic and arithmetic, if you will. The thumb rule of “folding the bill and keeping it back in your pocket” is still the mantra!

2) DO NOT get into a motor accident. Well, accidents happen by accident. But as a driver, do everything you can to avoid them. The auto insurance company that projected itself as the best one to protect you in the beginning will demolish your sleep now. If you are at fault in the accident, the premiums will sky rocket and the thumb rule mentioned above will go down the drain. If you are not at fault, you still can’t make the scars on your vehicle and mind go away fully. It is just not worth it.

3) DO NOT eat what tastes the best. Eat what tastes second best. I know it is harsh but true. It is not just “bad” for your health like your parents kept telling you, it is a “ruin”. And the process is irreversible. Without any more details, I urge you to watch this 100 minute SUPERSIZE ME video –

4) DO NOT underestimate or misunderstand the word “CREDIT”. Be it your “CREDIT CARD” or (unfortunately) “CREDIT HISTORY”. The simple and harsh rule is “spend half of what you have”, and use your credit card as a monthly debit card. Remember, the credit card is a monthly loan. It is best to do away with that kind of system to begin with. But “credit history” scam does not let you do that. Use it with utmost caution. Swiping sound is music to ears, and “minimum due” sounds amazing. But the word APR is poisonous, and be aware of it. For some reason, it rhymes well with “bankruptcy”.

5) DO NOT come to a foreign country thinking it is a heaven. You will have / may have seen or heard only one side of the coin until you enter a different country. It has become very common to go and settle in foreign countries through “educational” gateways; no one is to be blamed for a human nature it is. Please, please keep in mind that the other side of the coin may be just as rusty. And, if you find it great, please remember that it does not officially give you rights to start giving (fake accented) bullshit to where you came from. :-))

I would highly, highly, highly (just that highly) recommend watching the SUPERSIZE ME video.. it’s a documentary which has effectively led me OFF McDonald’s and similar joints for the rest of my life. Yep. It’s just that good at convincing you to get off this marketing gimmick called ‘FAST FOOD’.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for gluing my stuff into your multi-purpose anthology for the clueless 🙂

    However I fear that my words gave all the clues to all your readers at once, since I am the first and so far the only one to comment (?!) do we bring the readers back, top five DOs?

  2. Oh, they’re reading, alright.. hit counters don’t hit themselves! B-)

    shoot the next five don’ts.. I’m dying to read. 🙂

  3. sure but it’s gonna cost you now.. 🙂

  4. hey,…

    how you doing?
    want to know about your experience back in india…as in your job profile,job satisfaction and your paypackage out here….i have an admit from umcp for fall2011 for ents..and i plan on coming back after the course.

    so just want to know the job prospects here after completing the ents course.

    waiting for your reply…

    my mail id is:

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