Who is answerable?

Been stuck to the Live streaming news channels since 3 days. Tried to shop for people back home, but it was such a manual event. Came back and stuck glued again to the incessant firing and repeated fires in the hotels.

Called up mom 6 times over the 3 days. Called up another and screamed at him for being alone when there was clearly no concern for human life. Wanted to call up Manmohan Singh and ask him why he shot off a call to the Pakistan GOVERNMENT (not the people of pakistan) immediately. If we would have waited, we could have twisted their b***s and tore them apart.

Felt alone. Helpless. Leaderless. Felt like crying my heart out because of fear and utter betrayal by a government which just shits its pants or stuffs it with money. Desperately trying to work the permanent lump in the throat which threatens to burst into a full episode of sobbing.

Rajdeep Sardesai is right. What is on our priority? Health certainly isn’t. Education is a laugh. Freedom? Only in words, not in action. While watching the footage from a foreign land, I cringe when I see that familiar Indian police havildar holding that gun ever so carelessly and standing casually, waiting for nothing. Is this what the entire world gets to see? Callousless in the heart of terror?

And I DEMAND ACTION. Not just ‘Oh Pakistan, you did it.’ everytime something happens. I WANT AN ANSWER. I don’t need this meaningless childish fight between two countries.. they are just like us. To the Indian Government  – GROW UP. Realise that there’s more besides that soiled money in your underwear and offhand ‘It happens in big cities. Mumbai will go on.’ statements from your useless mouths.