Landing.. three.. two.. one..

There you are, standing with the sole backpack and clutching onto your documents for dear life. All you know at this point is that your feet are firmly on the ground for the first time in probably 14 hours. Congratulations – The hard part is done. 🙂

You would almost kiss the next person if I told you now that there are hardly any queues in the United States owing to the comparatively ‘sparse’ population. Unfortunately, the law does not apply to airports.. an average of two hours is spent by an immigrant while trying to enter the country, so my suggestion would be to just look around and take all the novelties in. Believe you me, the kind of diversity that you see at an international airport is a very interesting experience. Don’t miss seeing different kinds of people in great avataars, it’s an experience worth the trip!

People in this country smile a lot and a casual “Hi, how are you today?” by a total stranger can make you think, “Ohmygod… was that to me or to someone else?”. Wise men say that when you don’t know what to do, just smile. :). Oh well, if we look foolish, might as well look good at it.

Back in India, I had a habit of watching people.. that same habit is called ogling here. Staring is out. Smiling is in. Continuous smiling is out.. it makes one look funny. If one is genuine, it truly shows on the face, so I’d suggest to start spreading the light!

When I first came here, I spent two days trying to look for one thing that I just could NOT find – chaos. It’s shockingly absent. Each and everything is meticulously done, whether it is the roads, or the architecture or even the meals. It’s a little disorienting trying to deal with things that are THAT perfect, but you’ll get used to it, don’t worry! You’ll know what I mean when you’ve stayed for about 15 days and then watch an Indian movie!

Well, I’m hoping that by the end of this post you have successfully moved into an apartment – any apartment! Next post – living!


keynote address

Well, I racked my brains to find out what I’m good at, and guess what.. I came up with zilch. So I decided to get on to the next best thing.

Since I’ve been talking non-stop for the past 22 years or so, it seemed to be a logical decision to take it to the next level. Yeah, yeah.. I can see those eyeballs rolling! For all those knowledgeable-yet-clueless people who are biting their nails about moving to a foreign country (for simplicity, we’ll consider the US), I am at your service to offer help (read non-stop yapping) on how to get settled here. For the most part, I will include the good, the bad and definitely the embarrassing.

Do stay tuned while I continue tinkering..